Singtom Resort is steeped in the history of Darjeeling. The resort is located inside Singtom and Steinthal Tea Estates. Singtom is Darjeeling’s 3rd oldest tea estate, while Steinthal, planted in 1852, is Darjeeling’s oldest tea estate.

Located at an altitude of ~4,500 ft. above sea level, Singtom Resort opened its doors in 2012. Built in 1862 as the bungalow of the director of Singtom and Steinthal Tea Estates, the resort had to undergo renovation to reach state-of-the-art standards.

Covering several acres of land, Singtom Resort is a majestic property that prides itself on making its guests feel at home. The cozy atmosphere created by the age-old fireplaces, the Buddha-centric decor, the wooden flooring, the smell of the world’s best teas, the breathtaking views of other tea estates and the Himalayan peaks make Singtom Resort unique. It is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, a relaxing family holiday, or a spiritual experience.

In 2002, when Steinthal Tea Estate celebrated it’s 150th birthday, we made a documentary to celebrate this momentous occasion. The documentary describes life on Singtom and Steinthal Tea Estates. It is a must watch! However, note that the resort shown in the video is as of 2002. It has undergone significant upgrading since then.